We are proud to offer a candle insert recycling program. 

At Last Candle Co the sustainability of our products and daily impact on the environment is very important to us. From our naked glass candle inserts, to our reusable microsuede packaging, we strive to focus on minimizing waste and environmental impact. 

With the nature of our product, we know you will be switching out and emptying candle inserts very often.

We have created this program to ensure ZERO waste from our product so you can continue guilt free burning!

What it is

A recycling program for your glass candle refill inserts.

How it works

Once you have collected eight empty glass inserts, email us at and we will send you a prepaid shipping label. Package up your inserts (they don't have to be cleaned- we can take care of that) and drop them off at your local post office. Once the vessels have been returned to us, you will get a code to receive a free refill insert of your choice! Simple as that! 

What happens to the returned inserts

We designed our refill inserts to not have a scent identification label on them, and instead opted for each insert to have a removable, 100% recyclable dust cover indicating the scent. All inserts have the same safety label on the bottom and this is its only branding on the glass. This packaging and branding decision gives us the ability to repurpose the vessel many times over. We are able to clean the vessel fully, and re use the glass for another insert. 

With this program it ensures zero waste, not even at the recycling depot, and gives a whole new life to every insert!

Happy Burning!