Is a candle insert included with the purchase of a stone vessel?

Yes! Absolutely! Each stone vessel comes with your choice of scent. You can select your scent from the dropdown on the vessel product page.


Can I purchase multiple inserts with my initial order?

Yes! Additional inserts are sold separately and can be purchased individually. Refill inserts can purchased here.


Where can I buy refill inserts?

Our glass candle refills were designed to fit inside our stone vessel. Purchase refill inserts here. All refill inserts can only be purchased on LastCandleCo.com at this current time.


How do I recycle the glass insert jar once finished?

Once finished, add boiling water inside the glass vessel and let sit. All remaining wax will settle to the top and can be disposed of in the garbage. Pull the wick loose and the jar can be washed and recycled or reused as glassware. 

Last Candle Company is also offering a return program. Once 5 inserts are collected, send an email to hello@lastcandleco.com and we will send a prepaid shipping label for you to return your finished vessels. 5 returned vessels will result in a free insert refill of your choice!


How do I prevent tunnelling?

Our candles are created to prevent tunnelling so you can enjoy the cleanest burn. However, when lighting your Last Candle let the wax melt all the way to the edge of the jar. This will prevent wax buildup on the side of the insert. General rule of thumb: each burn session should last at least 1 hour per inch in diameter of the candle (2.5 hours).